Mindware Music is leading the development and implementation of a new generation of easier to use technology tools for music students and music makers.

Mindware Music is pleased to announce its partnership with the University of Utah and Daynes Music to create a new cloud-based eLearning initiative for elementary school children at: www.UplayPiano.com this is the first system built using Mindware's NextMusik framework.

For the latest info on various music tech topics, check out our blog at: www.onlinerecital.com.

Mindware's product development philosophy: "If it's easy to use, it gets used."

Mindware Music developed the technology driving the ePiano. ePiano provides turnkey, cost effective and customized technology solutions for institutions, teachers and musically active households.

Mindware Music is the developer of Soundsetter® and MusiConsole® musical software programs.

Our Values and Mission

Mindware Music Inc. brings music into people's lives through the latest, and most exciting music making tools.

Our beliefs:

About Mindware Music

The company’s founder is Charles Johnson. The company was founded in January 2002. The offices are located in Southern New Hampshire, approximately one hour north of Boston.

Mindware Music welcomes OEM inquiries.

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Mindware Music Inc.
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